Rise Up Animation is dedicated to increasing diverse talent in the animation industry by providing BIPOC with industry advice, portfolio feedback, resume feedback and the tools needed to turn their dreams into a reality.

Our organization provides a one-time free 30-60 minute feedback session to BIPOC interested in the animation industry. The mentees can select from over 25 different disciplines, such as; Story (TV and Feature), Editorial, VisDev (characters, environments, props) , Modeling, Rigging, Look Development/Textures/Surfacing, Layouts/Previs CG, Animation (2D & 3D), Stop Motion Animation, Tech Animation (hair, cloth, simulation), Effects (2D & 3D), Crowds, Lighting, Compositing, Music Editing, Technical Director/Pipeline Engineering, Matte Painting, Background Painting (2D), Production Management or General Industry Advice.