Hi i’m Chen i’m from Israel and my dream and passion is Character Design.

I got to meet RUA by a chance with Disney for one week. I would wake up every morning in 3am just to listen and absorb as much as I can. I had 3 feedbacks so far with three amazing mentors, my first time was with Monica Lago-Kaytis, the second one was with Alisha Gibson and the third one was with Daniel Lopez Munoz. I am thankful to RUA and to those mentors that volunteer from their own time to help mentees like us to make our dream come true. I want to thank each of the mentors that helped me especially Daniel Lopez Munoz who still help me to get better!

Since my feedback my work got better and I learnt a lot and I work ten times harder to make my way to the Animation industry. I suggested RUA to every friend I have that wants to be part of the Animation industry, and I have no regrets. I want to thank all the amazing people who started this in the first place, you give me hope, you made me better, you guys deserve so much that it’s amazing! All the panels, all the talks, all the events, are just a way to help and push forward and i have not enough words to describe how thankful i am to all of you. I wish RUA will stay forever, and one day maybe to help someone like me who needed guide to this beautiful universe of animation!

Congratulations for amazing year and i wish you many beautiful years like that!