While I was a mentee, I am also currently working in the industry as a storyboarder; but I really wanted to get this across whether it ends up published or not. I honestly couldn’t be more grateful for the kindness of the mentors who have given so much of their precious time and energy in the context of this initiative.

My mentor was Carrie Liao and not only was I humbled by the sheer amount of talent that she has, she was also a genuinely modest, curious and invested person. You could really feel that she was committed to the cause on top of staying authentic. Her feedback was not only constructive, but also completely on point and relevant through and through. My gratitude and respect is only further heightened by my understanding of the fact that all of the mentors still had their full-time jobs and responsibilities on top of contending with the incredibly difficult climate of the pandemic that was wreaking havoc in the US. I honestly wish her and all of the mentors who have made such a gift of their time and energy all the best along with my heartfelt thanks.Stay safe and happy!