This past week, we were so thrilled to celebrate our 4-year anniversary. Over these four years, thousands of Mentees have received life changing conversations with our Mentors that have helped shape their careers and aspirations for animation. This has been the core mission of RUA since it was founded.

As the demand for these conversations has remained consistent and varied across many disciplines, it has candidly been challenging to keep up with Mentees’ needs. Given the limited resources that RUA can offer to current and future Mentees, we have decided to close the mentorship program indefinitely. Rise Up Animation will continue to live on through its YouTube presence (timing TBD), but will no longer be facilitating conversations with Mentors.

As a part of that decision, we will not open sign-ups at the end of this month. It has been a sincere honor to serve you all over the past four years. We still can’t believe how much this community grew and supported each other throughout the pandemic, and we’re confident that our Mentees will make a lasting impact on the animation industry now and in the coming years.

Sending much love and appreciation to you all,

Trent, Bobby, Frank, Monica