Rise Up Animation is dedicated to increasing diverse talent in the animation industry by providing BIPOC with industry advice, portfolio feedback, resume feedback and the tools needed to turn their dreams into a reality.

Our organization provides a FREE one-time 60 minute feedback session with an Industry Professional to BIPOC individuals who are 18 years or older interested in the animation industry. Mentees can select from 28 different disciplines such as:

  • Animation – 2D
  • Animation – CG
  • Animation – Stop Motion
  • Background Paint – 2D
  • Compositing
  • Costume Design
  • Editorial
  • Effects Animation
  • General Industry Advice (NO portfolio reviews)
  • Layout- 2D
  • Layout/Previs – CG
  • Lighting
  • Look Development / Textures/ Surfacing
  • Matte Painting/Set Extension
  • Modeling
  • Motion Graphics
  • Music for Animation
  • Pipeline Engineering
  • Production Management
  • Rigging
  • Simulation / Character Finaling
  • Sound Design for Animation
  • Story boarding- Feature
  • Storyboarding – Television
  • Technical Director
  • VisDev – Character Design
  • VisDev – Environment Design
  • VisDev – Prop Design
  • Voice Over Acting

Sign-ups for feedback sessions are open at the end of each month. We prioritize first time Mentees first. Returning Mentees can sign-up every 12 months. For sign-up dates and more information, please visit our Instagram page and our LinkTree. If you have signed up and not heard from a mentor within 2-3 months, please email us at rua@riseupanimation.org.

Art created by Nya Langit