Happy 2022 RUA fam!
Our FIRST newsletter of the year is ready for your attention right HERE! To spice the themes up, we’ve decided to build the Color Wheel throughout the ENTIRE year, and every month we’ll be featuring artwork following the color of the month and have a stunning collage in December. With that being said, this month’s theme is kicking off the year with Red
In addition, we celebrate the one-year anniversary of President Biden’s 2021 inauguration where young author Amanda Gorman beautifully and powerfully recited her own poem, “The Hill We Climb.” We share an incredible animatic storyboarded and edited by some superstar RUA Mentees Kylie Gay and Eavvon O’Neal incorporating audio from Amanda Gorman’s speech. You won’t want to miss seeing this very special project!
Plus, you can find out where to stream Sony Pictures Animation’s Hotel Transylvania: Transformania, as well as watch the new video for the film’s song “Love is Not Hard to Find” by Yendry. Don’t forget to check out this month’s recap of events, celebrations, and community spotlights!
Feast your eyes on the newsletter and share it today!