Happy 2nd Anniversary RUA Fam!Our sixth newsletter is full of fun right HERE! Next up on the 

Color Wheel theme for the year is Yellow-Green!
We celebrated a TON of awesome events throughout June. We saluted everyone who has been a part of our community and has truly made this organization feel like a loving family for the past two years and counting: Mentees, Mentors, and Volunteers. Also, we introduce the first-ever Food Memories highlight. which is a dish straight from the Philippines: Taho! Lastly, don’t forget 

to stop by and check out this month’s cultural celebrations, art gallery, spotlights, and helpful resources!

Thank you so much for being part of us. We’re so thrilled to be RISING UP alongside each of you, and we hope to help and inspire you throughout your animation journey. 

Catch you at theĀ end of July for our next newsletter!