Hey Rise Up fam! Please join senior recruiter, Devlin Grimm and associate recruiter, Christina Harder from the SPA team as they explore creating a successful portfolio and offer tips on how to break into the animation industry!

| Devlin Grimm, Senior Recruiter of Sony Pictures Animation |
Devlin Grimm is the Senior Recruiter for Sony Pictures Animation. She is thrilled to work with countless talented artists to find the positions on our feature and television projects that will allow them to flourish. Before joining Sony, Devlin worked with the animation programs at CalArts, where she also served as Special Faculty for the School of Film/Video. She is passionate about advancing art and mass media literacy and making the animation arts accessible to all.

| Christina Harder, Associate Recruiter of Sony Pictures Animation |
Christina Harder is an associate recruiter at Sony Pictures Animation. She started her career in Learning and Development at DreamWorks Animation where she was first able to combine her passions for art and helping others in their career journey. Finding an appreciation for the opportunities in the overhead space in the industry, Harder transitioned to recruiting when she joined Sony Pictures Animation. She loves being part of building the teams that create the highly anticipated animated films and TV series enjoyed by people all over the world. Outside of work, she enjoys cooking, painting, and spending time at the beach with her husband and dog. She graduated from Loyola Marymount University where she studied animation and studio art.